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Our Studios


Our studio facility in the heart of Greenwich is fully sound proofed, multi-functional and can be configured to suit your production needs.

The studio is a real swiss-army knife, giving you the opportunity to shoot in six different locations without even leaving the room.

A large white U-shaped infinity cove, with an option for green screen faces a 3-in-1 “location” on the back walls. With our unique wall panelling system, you can quickly transform the space into a homely kitchen, hipster hangout or anything in between.

We’re now working with BAFTA to become one of the first environmentally friendly film studios in the UK. We use 100% renewable power, filtered tap water, recycle all waste and that which is not recycled is burnt for biofuel.

  • Studio: L8m x W6.5m (52sqm), H3.5m
  • Cove: L4m x W6.5m (26sqm), H3.5m

Please get in touch by calling us on +44 (0) 161 470 4790 or email us