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'Welcome to the Exceptional’ TVC and media campaign

With seven new luxury hotels around the globe, Radisson needed something special for the launch parties at their “Collection” hotels. So, we set about thinking about how we could show them all to the bloggers, writers, travellers and business owners who were invited.

The result? Digital doors, behind which guests could take tour of the entire collection, featuring footage we filmed all around the world, to the tightest of deadlines.

After the events came the global TV advert. We filmed in Copenhagen and Edinburgh with a cast and crew of 19, to showcase this exceptional brand to an international audience. The wonderful Zigcam, crewed up for us, using their hugely talented team, headed up by DoP Siggi Rosen-Rawlings.

Cut and edited by our in-house team, the ad was soon on global TV, so we could start on the wider campaign. Social, print, TV… by the end of the project we had created over 350 separate assets , each of which were strategically positioned to a global audience over the next six months.

  • New Brand
  • Global TV Commercial
  • Media Campaign

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