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8K is here!

We're ready... Are you?

In the dawn of a new decade, 2020 has seen us answering more 8K requests than ever before. This resolution has plenty of benefits and here’s just a few reasons to jump aboard the pixelated glory that is 8K:

  • It’s all in the detail. With stunning imagery, 8K will truly bring your footage to life. It’s next level stuff, with true to life realism.
  • With 16x the resolution of HD, 8K gives you a lot of room to crop, giving you more versality than ever before.
  • When shooting in areas where access is tricky or even dangerous, you can be closer to the action, without needing to be…closer to the action!
  • 8K can eradicate the need for a second camera, which helps the bottom line.
  • YouTube is already streaming in 8K, but those early adopters aren’t exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to watchable 8K, so it’s a great way to get noticed.
  • It’s the future. There will be nay-sayers of course, but you can’t stop progress, especially when it looks this good.

Call us today to see if 8K is right for your project.

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